3 Ways assessURhealth™’s Integration into athenahealth® Can Positively Affect Your Practice

3 Ways assessURhealth™’s Integration into athenahealth® Can Positively Affect Your Practice

August 29, 2019

assessURhealth’s partnership with athenahealth provides for a powerful integration that allows clinicians to receive instant data while increasing their ROI. Below are three ways our screening solution can positively affect your practice:

1. Instant Discrete Data

After the patient completes the mental and behavioral health screening the severity risk scores are automatically available for review in the patient’s chart via discrete data integration. Clinicians can trend the patient’s severity risk scores over time via the graph functionality in their athenaNet® portal.

2. Increase your ROI

Utilizing appropriate CPT codes and G-Codes, clinicians can bill for reimbursement resulting in an increase in revenue. The seamless integration into athena and easy-to-interpret reports reduces your staff resources, allowing them to focus on what matters most, helping the patient.

3. Helps to meet government incentive requirements

Our mental and behavioral health screening solution assesses for depression, anxiety risk, somatic symptom, alcohol misuse, opioid risk, postnatal depression and PTSD. Meet appropriate government measures by utilizing the screening solution within your clinical workflow. The severity risk scores are available directly within the patient’s chart, allowing for efficient reporting.


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