assessURhealth™ empowers by providing the tools and resources needed to positively impact the identification, treatment & awareness of mental & behavioral health.

The assessURhealth Story

In early 2015, Mallory Tai Taylor and David Schlaifer were both affected by mental illness through those they loved. They identified a need in the mental and behavioral health sector that was going underserved and knew they needed to create a solution to help it.

Mallory and David created an electronic, mental & behavioral health screening tool that empowers clinicians by providing a comprehensive understanding to their patients’ health. The application delivered via iPad or secure web-portal, screens for multiple risk-classifications including depression, anxiety, somatic symptoms, opioid risk, alcohol misuse, PTSD, and postnatal depression.

The patient-driven screening tool is self-scored and the results are immediately sent to the Client Portal or directly integrated into your EHR. Allowing providers to review the results within the same visit and take next steps as appropriate.

assessURhealth works the national level to fight for better mental & behavioral health coverage and care. The team at assessURhealth collaborated on forming their charity organization, AUHGives and the #EndTheStigma Project. This project was created to help end the stigma against mental & behavioral health and has been seen at events including HIMSS. You can sign the pledge here to end the stigma today.

assessURhealth™ has touched over a half-million lives and serves many different verticals across the globe including ambulatory clinical practices, hospitals, ACOs, higher-education, government entities, trade associations, clinical trial companies, payers, and more. Let us help you further engage your patients, reduce staff resources, and increase ROI.

Our Vision

To empower clinicians, drive awareness and engage patients in mental and behavioral health at a global level.

Our Mission

assessURhealth™ empowers clinicians by providing the tools and resources needed to positively impact the identification, treatment & awareness of mental & behavioral health.

Our Values: FIRE

We are the spark that ignites awareness and delivers the resources needed for brighter mental & behavioral health outcomes.



We work everyday to hit the hard issues facing mental & behavioral health.



We provide real, actionable data to make valuable clinical improvements.



In the face of mental health stigmas, we are not defined by society’s labels.



We give individuals the tools they need to engage with mental & behavioral health.

A stigma-free culture based in compassion and hard work.

Every 40 seconds, 43 people die from suicide, opioid overdose, or alcohol misuse.

At assessURhealth™, our cultural mission is to decrease unnecessary deaths by working hard to end the stigma on mental & behavioral health through advocacy, community events, and our company culture. assessURhealth is a stigma-free company; we create an environment of caring and increased engagement around mental & behavioral health. We value our employees’ overall health including emotional and mental well-being. We developed an open dialogue for our employees to express themselves.

Our company community program, AUHGives, continues to support numerous local and national charities including the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP), National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and Metropolitan Ministries through volunteering, walks, and donations. Our #EndTheStigma project is an ongoing campaign to encourage people to take the pledge to end the stigma on mental & behavioral health. We have featured our #EndTheStigma wall where people can physically sign their names or dedicate their signature to someone they lost or a survivor.


Electronic Mental & Behavioral Health Screening Tool

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If you are seeking personal or individual help please dial 911 for an emergency or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
Please see our resources page for a list of government and non-profit mental & behavioral health organizations.