Automate Mental and Behavioral Health Screenings While Generating Revenue & Helping Save Patient Lives

Automate Mental and Behavioral Health Screenings While Generating Revenue & Helping Save Patient Lives

August 22, 2018


Mental and behavioral health screening has become an essential tool in almost all clinics, practices, and even universities as more attention is given onto the comprehensive care of patients. Many clinicians are adapting screening on paper and utilizing manual scoring to provide better patient care and meet certain quality measures. Even though paper assessments can be utilized they can be very time consuming and have room for error. With paper the staff must ensure they are scoring the assessments correctly, inputting the information correctly, and giving the results to the clinicians while the patient is still there.

Electronic mental and behavioral health assessments automate your workflow through its ability to self-score, the patient-driven platform, and integration into the patients’ charts. Delivered on a tablet, all of the risk classifications you may have been screening for, such as depression and alcohol, are all in one experience with additional risk classifications including anxiety, opioid risk, somatic symptoms and more. The patient can take the assessment in the waiting room or while waiting in the exam room This not only occupies the patient but allows them to answer more honestly than they may have if talking to staff or even the clinician. This consistency of answering provides your practice with clear information on how to best help your patients.

Staff or clinicians no longer need to take time out of their day to score assessments creating a more efficient workflow that allows the practice to run smoothly throughout the day. With an assessment tool like assessURhealth, the assessments are automatically sent to a built-in Client Portal or directly into the EHR. With the Client Portal, the clinician can see an overview of all their patients and results. The data captured within the Portal provides clinicians with a way to see all questions and answers and see if someone is at particularly high-risk through a “Self-Harm” alert. The self-harm alert is a notification placed by a patient’s name if they answer anything buy “Not at all” to a question about harming themselves or others.

Not only are you providing patients with an extra level of care, but most clinicians can bill for reimbursement. The electronic assessment tool allows clinicians to bill for more than they would through paper assessments. Based on 1000 unique patients per year, providers can make more than $50,000 per year, per provider with electronic mental & behavioral health assessment tool.

Automating your mental health screening process has multiple benefits from improving your workflow to generating revenue. Implementing an electronic tool is very simple and fast so clinicians can start reaping the benefits quickly. assessURhealth has a dedicated staff to our clients to ensure any questions are answered from workflow to billing assistance.

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If you are seeking personal or individual help please dial 911 for an emergency or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
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