How it Works

1. Assess:

Patients complete a quick, five-minute survey right in your waiting room.

2. Report:

Color-coded and easy to interpret results are delivered directly to your EHR via HIPAA compliant interface or via secure email.

3. Review:

Providers can easily go over results with their patients and use the report to inform better diagnosis and care.

4. ROI:

Direct revenue through billable codes as well as indirect ROI in better patient care.

Our application screens multiple mental & behavioral
health categories, including:


check-mark Depression

check-mark Somatic symptom

check-mark Anxiety risk

check-mark Alcohol misuse

check-mark Opioid risk

check-mark Postnatal depression*

check-mark PTSD*

Available in both English and Spanish.

*Custom assessment created and administered specific to providers needs.