Innovative technology to help meet quality measures across multiple value-based programs

How innovative technology helps clinicians meet quality measures across multiple value-based programs

September 19, 2018


As value-based care becomes more integrated into the healthcare industry, mental & behavioral health screenings are becoming a vital tool in your practice. There are many direct benefits to using an electronic screening tool including reducing staff resources and generating additional revenue. There are even more reasons to integrate electronic screening that you may not even be aware of including the ability to meet MIPS and UDS quality measures as well as satisfy grant requirements.

With quality making up over 50% of your total MIPS score it is extremely important to ensure you not only have the 6 required measures but that you are accurately reporting as well.

assessURhealth™ screening tool is delivered electronically and screens for multiple risk classifications including depression, alcohol misuse and opioid risk. With these assessments, the product qualifies for 4 of 6 measures you need to meet. The self-scored assessment results are sent directly to your EHR or to the Client Portal so you can review results at any time and report throughout the year.

assessURhealth screens for multiple risk classifications in one experience including the mandated depression screening. Instead of using paper and manually scoring, assessURhealth is self-scoring and creates a result that immediately populates into the patient chart through your EHR or into the user-friendly Client Portal.

assessURhealth allows you to meet UDS quality measurement and guidelines.  The assessment is immediately scored to allow the provider to review and address the results within the same day. With clinician diagnosis, clinics can take advantage of Selected Diagnosis and Services Rendered: Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT).

assessURhealth also assists with qualifying for Patient-Center Medical Home or PCMH status. The electronic assessment tool helps you meet multiple core and elective credits that you need. Some of these measures include conducting behavioral health screening and mental health decision support.

With so many benefits, providing mental health assessments to your patients is a great way to increase your quality scores while engaging patients and potentially saving lives.


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Electronic Mental & Behavioral Health Screening Tool

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