Our Solution

Secure, Electronic Mental & Behavioral Health Screenings

assessURhealth™ is a patient-driven, electronic mental & behavioral health screening tool that allows clinicians and healthcare professionals to assess patients for various mental health risk categories.

Generate easy-to-read reports, gain valuable patient health data, and reduce staff resources while increasing ROI.

Increase ROI while gaining valuable patient health data and reducing staff resources.

Increase ROI

See a clear return on investment almost immediately after you implement.

Gain Patient Data

Results are immediately sent to the Client Portal and/or EHR for data analysis

Reduce Staff Resources

Save hours of staff time with a quick, patient-completed electronic questionnaire


Improve Workflow

Self-scored assessments save staff time & allow providers to review patient results within the same visit

Our application screens multiple mental & behavioral health categories, including:

*These are additional screenings not included in core assessment package.


Track Results with the Client Portal

Results are sent securely through our Client Portal or integrated into your EHR

Client Portal

The Client Portal allows providers to view all their patient results in a user-friendly interface. Features include: data analytics, search capabilities, self-harm alert and more.

Self-Harm Alert

The Self-Harm Alert, is a notification placed by a patient’s name if they answered anything but “Not at all” to a question about harming themselves or others, regardless of any other answers within the survey.


Electronic Mental & Behavioral Health Screening Tool

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If you are seeking personal or individual help please dial 911 for an emergency or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
Please see our resources page for a list of government and non-profit mental & behavioral health organizations.