Success Story


For Mark Weissman, MD of GMS Florida West Coast, adopting assessURhealth™ brought much needed documentation and time-saving benefits to his team in addition to new revenue.

One of the few clinicians already incorporating mental health screenings into his practice, assessURhealth has contributed to better workflows and processes for Dr. Weissman’s team.

“It makes it a lot easier to make sure surveys get done correctly, are documented properly, and billed properly,” Dr. Weissman said of the tool, “it’s much easier to facilitate screenings being done, before we even walk in the room.”

The tool has made it easier to collect revenue from preventive screenings as well. For twenty billing providers, assessURhealth generated over $1 million in additional net profit in 2017.

With an intuitive interface, it was easy to start using assessURhealth immediately and Dr. Weissman’s staff were quick to pick up the process. “It’s just a matter of working it into your normal workflow,” he noted.

For Weissman, the extensive screenings offered by assessURhealth have improved the data he was already collecting. “Two big pieces we didn’t get before were the opioid risk and the anxiety side,” Dr. Weissman said, using the tool to give him a clearer picture of patient’s needs.

The instant scoring of patients’ results made a major impact as well. “It’s very nice, because [the results] get there immediately,” Dr. Weissman said. The proprietary scoring algorithm took the guesswork out of health risk analysis, giving Dr. Weissman a color-coded summary to ask follow up questions from.

Since Dr. Weissman began using assessURhealth last September, he has promoted adoption of the tool to 15 other GMS practice locations. Together, the practices have completed tens of thousands of patient screenings.

GMS is a 52-provider Primary Care group with over 300 staff across Tampa Bay.